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Preschool Classroom

We offer different areas throughout Tender Years Too! for preschool activities. The preschool classroom hours begin at 9am daily but extended hours are always available. Parents can choose from 2, 3 or 5 day a week classes. We have availability for children that are in need of longer hours at school including both preschool and daycare activities. We strive to create quality preschool experience while meeting the wide array of skills and developmental levels. While the needs of the children are being met, we are maintaining Connecticut State regulations of 1 teacher to 10 preschool age children. At Tender Years Too, we incorporate hands-on sensory activities and lessons that can be easily completedand give your child the self-confidence and self-esteem that help develop a well-rounded education. We engage children so they can explore and experiment. Providing a kind, safe, supportive, and nurturing environment where child feel both respected and cared for. During free-play children choose among centers such as dramatic play, fine motor activities, computer activities, or experiments at our science table. They may also curl up with a good book or relax with a puzzle in our library center. Remember, we’re not just playing we’re getting ready to be future teachers, engineers, chefs, artists, and scientists hard at work.

Fun And Educational

Our upstairs classroom consists of a combination of a tested and proven curriculum along with fun activities and a few silly games to play with all of their friends.

An All-Purpose Curriculum

Handwriting Without Tears is our wonderful curriculum that we base all of our art projects and activities on. We have lots of fun while we learn. Our staff and directors are trained in this curriculum.


Of course, teaching our curriculum is a major part of what the pre-school experience is about. We will also instill in your children values such as sharing and being kind and socializing with others.

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