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Toddlers: Chickadees and Bumblebees & Jungle Friends

Our Toddler program begins in our barnyard area. This area is decorated with stimulating scenes and vibrant colors based on illustrations from some of our favorite books. This room enables each child to develop, grow and move while becoming more independent. As the children grow, they will move about throughout our centers according to their age group. Starting on our Barnyard Center, all of the way to our oldest toddler center, our Jungle center.


As you enter the classrooms you will encounter children interacting with experienced teachers.  We help to enrich language and vocabulary skills through daily activities such as group time and simple conversations between friends and teachers. Your child develops their creativity throughout this very busy stage. We promote this through activities including finger plays, music, nursery rhymes and art. Potty training is also introduced and encouraged at this stage.


We strive to create an atmosphere where the children begin making choices, develop self-help skills, and move from parallel play to cooperative play. The first friendships made are very important and help to make school a fun environment to be involved in. We are sure to maintain Connecticut State regulations of 1 teacher to 4 toddlers. Our goal is to provide you with the peace of mind you need when your child is not with you.


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